Q&A: Reimagining Immigration News

How Define American used North Carolina as a case study for national coverage.

About The Objective

Major American newsrooms have called themselves objective for generations. But their coverage has always been defined by homogenous teams that fail to account for race, gender, class, disability, and sexuality.

The Objective is a nonprofit newsroom holding journalism accountable for past and current systemic biases in reporting and newsroom practices. We are written by and for those underrepresented in journalism.


Dismantling the unbearable whiteness of critique

Critics of color, who are vastly outnumbered by their white colleagues, are key to the advancement of their entire field.

Editorial boards that look nothing like their cities shouldn’t speak for them


What happens when an email from Condé Nast isn’t from Condé Nast?

Scammers have been impersonating Condé Nast editors.

Margaret Sullivan’s case for the outsider

If Sullivan’s case in “Newsroom Confidential” is any proof, insiders aren’t a lost cause either.

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