Q&A: Alan Chazaro of KQED’s ¡Hella Hungry!

Poet, educator and ¡Hella Hungry! creator Alan Chazaro reflects on coming to food writing as someone from outside the institution of traditional journalism, telling human stories through food and more.

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Food reporting should go beyond buzzwords

Food reporters shouldn’t just write about what’s on their plate — they need to interrogate how it got there.

Who is Marty Baron talking to?

What are we actually talking about when we talk about objectivity?


Trauma-informed reporting can improve journalism for both reporters and sources

More young and relatively inexperienced journalists are being forced to cover mass shootings. Journalism schools need to be preparing them.

The dam has finally broken for nonprofit news outlet unionization

Nonprofit outlets have been slow to unionize, despite their widely-held “savior” status within journalism.


Bad-faith coverage of trans issues — who does it serve?

A New York Times reporter shows how not to cover trans families and trans issues, again.

After 2020, Black-led newsrooms ask: Where is the long-term support?

Many Black-led outlets — digital and legacy media alike — are still trying to figure out how to sustain their work.


Where the hell is Africa in food coverage?

Despite the growing popularity of food media in recent years, African stories are sparingly included — leaving media coverage of food history incomplete. 

Where is the coverage of caste discrimination in the U.S?

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