The Objective is taking a break

To critique journalism, we need to model the behavior we want to see. But we’ll be back soon

The Objective launched in June 2020 to challenge systems of oppression in newsrooms for the sake of both journalists and the communities we cover. In the short time that we’ve existed, we’re already extremely proud of the work we’ve published and the conversations we’ve started. 

Since we started publishing last June, we’ve:

That said, even with all of these accomplishments, we’re also extremely tired. This effort has been a labor of love throughout, but all of The Objective’s work has been done on a volunteer basis and we’ve come to the realization that we need a break.

So, for the next three months — during July, August, and September — you’re going to hear less from us. The Objective is run by journalists and former journalists who have full-time jobs. It was started on the premise that there is a more respectful and equitable way to lead newsrooms and report the news. This means that we intend to lead by example; when we need to take a break, we’ll take a break.

Behind the scenes, some of us will be filing paperwork, paying fees, and working on getting our writers paid. We are also leaving Substack and expect to be done migrating our website by September. Our Twitter will remain active, but we won’t solicit new pitches. With one exciting exception (more details on this soon), we will only publish stories and essays we have already accepted, but The Front Page, our regular Q&As, reporting, and essays will be put on hold.

If you’re already subscribed to our newsletter, there’s no need for you to do anything. We’ll let you know when we’re back (And if you’re not, why not subscribe now?)

By the time fall rolls around, and our team has had time to start processing 2020 — as well as the moves, layoffs, deaths, marriages, new jobs, and everything else that happened last year — we’ll be back with a better idea of what The Objective needs to do to better support journalists who share our values and push the field forward.

Supporting democracy is about more than a slogan

Our Democracy Correspondent will look at how some U.S. newsrooms aren’t taking threats to democracy and rising authoritarianism seriously — and what we can do to push back. But we’re a small newsroom with a small budget. Will you help us raise $20,000 so we can expand our pro-democracy coverage?

If you share our passion for this work and want to help us succeed, consider donating so that we can pay our contributors. Beyond that, we’d love to hear from you about how we can better move forward with intention and care at [email protected]

Thanks for your patience. We’ll be back soon.

Help us hold legacy media accountable

The daily news cycle fails to paint a picture of continued threats to our democracy. Will you help us reach our $20,000 stretch goal so we can expand our pro-democracy coverage?

Democracy isn’t up for debate

Our Democracy Correspondent will look at how some newsrooms aren’t taking threats to voting rights and authoritarianism seriously. Will you help us reach our $20,000 stretch goal so we can expand our pro-democracy reporting?

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