Interviews with journalists (and non-journalists) that challenge journalism to be better.

Latest in Q&A

A headshot of Johana Bhuiyan. She has a thumb up and is in front of a grassy hill and picnic tables.

Q&A: Johana Bhuiyan

Bhuiyan on the urgency of her work in today’s technological gilded era and how she weighs questions of objectivity in her reporting. 
A black-and-white headshot of Dr. Mindy Fullilove.

Q&A: Mindy Fullilove

Dr. Mindy Fullilove on the coalition’s founding, collective consciousness in pandemics, and what the media could do to improve public understanding of COVID-19.
Holly Piepenburg

Q&A: Holly Rosewood

How studying history in college influenced her perception of journalism and how newsrooms have stumbled in covering rural communities.

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